G-Recorder - Skype recorder


G-Recorder connects two great tools – Skype and Gmail. G-Recorder records Skype calls and chat messages and saves them in Gmail. This means automatic Skype history backup, merge from different computers, access from anywhere and powerful Gmail interface to work with your Skype conversations just like with e-mails.

G-Recorder lets you:

  • Automatically record Skype calls as MP3 files that are saved in your Gmail account
  • Capture conversations from multiple Skype installations in one place
  • Never lose your Skype history, even if you change computers
  • Upload local Skype chat history to Gmail 

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IM-History Service – No longer supported

IM-HISTORY enables most Instant Messengers (IM) users to manage their contacts and access their chat histories online. The user-friendly solution consolidates all IM contacts and stores chat logs securely on a server, allowing free access from PC, laptop or any web-enabled device.

Note: This service is still free and available for existing users, but IM-History has discontinued development activities and will no longer provide support.

IM-HISTORY lets you:

  • Have consolidated chat history of as many IMs as you use
  • Access your IM logs from any web-enabled devices (PCs, laptops, smart phones, etc.) and get them synced automatically
  • Find information easily and fast via smart navigation and embedded search engine
  • Merge your contacts from different messengers

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