January 10, 2008

By Palin Ningthoujam, Mashable Social Networking News

9 Cool Instant Messaging Tools

IM History is an application that runs on your sytem tray and saves your IM chat history and contacts on its web server. When you run your IM messengers on a different computer, it syncs the new chat data available with what is stored online. This makes it an useful tool especially if you are using multiple computers at home and work and need to access your chat history data from any of these places.

January 9, 2008

By Jason Harris, Techitorial

Save all your instant messages with IM history

Do you use multiple IM programs? Do you wish you could save your chats in one place? IM History may be for you. This application saves your IM history across multiple computers and heck even multiple operating systems. IM History currently works with AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Trllian, and a few others. Using their web interface, IM History users can easily pull up their archived messages.

January 8, 2007

By Kevin Purdy, Lifehacker

Save IMs Across Clients (and Systems) with IM History

Windows/Linux: Free beta program IM History offers a web-synced way to store instant message chats across multiple computers, and operating systems, from a variety of chat clients. Right now, the service supports AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Skyp, Trillian, and a few other clients, but my pet peeve is Pigin supported only in Linux, leaving dual-booters like me in the cold. That aside, once enabled, IM History lets you access your chat history and contacts from a web interface, and being able to search chats from across platforms—to find, for instance, a link sent long ago— is where many users will find this app convenient. IM History is a free download for Windows and Linux.

January 6, 2008

By Cindy Davis, New Communications Review

IM-History Announces Free Chat History Service

IM-History, a new company, announced its service that allows users of public instant messaging services to manage contacts and access chat histories on line, for free.

December 18, 2007

By David DeJean, InformationWeek

IM-History Can Consolidate All Your IMs, But Should It?

IM-History has announced a beta trial of a new version of its Web application that collects all your instant messaging conversations into one convenient, searchable archive. That could be really great. Or it could be really scary.

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